Updates to the Left Sidebar Menu

  1. The user profile has been moved from the right side to inside the left sidebar, at the very top left:

Clicking Profil/Profile link under the username opens the page with the user profile information. This structure places all of a user's quick access links in one place such as the Dashboard, Favorites, My Content and the Messages.

2. For users with roles such as academy administrators, then all the operations they need to manage the academy, are listed together under the 'Manage' heading in the sidebar as seen below:

An Improved Global Search Bar in the Top Header

We wanted our search bar to be available at all points regardless of where in an academy the user may be.

We also added the functionality to search using various filters to narrow down the search results, as seen below.

So now one can search for a wide range of objects including users, content, communities, organizations, groups, events etc.

Quickly Create New Content Using the '+' Symbol in the Top Header

It is now possible to send a new invitation or create new content, event, group organization or community, directly by clicking the "+" icon. In addition, a post, collection or a file can also be added directly to a chosen to community.

Meta Data Options for Administrators and Facilitators

For users with administrator access, we have developed features that allow the following actions on the content available inside a Community, Organization and Group.

  • Adding a deadline to the content

  • Marking a content as mandatory

For a more detailed look into how these options work, check our article here.

For any questions or feedback regarding these updates, please write to support@trikks.com.

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