Team TRIKKS has spent the week developing features and improvements that add value to the user experience.

Here are the key highlights:

Improved Search Layout in Organizations Groups and Communities

With the help of an advanced search now available on the left side for organizations, groups and communities pages, the users can easily apply filters and narrow down their search results as seen below:

The new search layout on the left side, allows the following filters to be applied when searching for an organization - Active organizations, Locked, archived as well as role-specific filters: Participant, Facilitator or Administrator.

Ability to Archive and Eventually Permanently Delete Organizations, Groups and Communities

Administrators of an organization, group or community, now have the possibility to "archive" these, by going to the 3-dots menu of their respective organization, for example, and clicking archive from the drop-down.

The administrators can then of course search for all the archived organizations, groups or communities by selecting the "Archived" filter in the advanced search on the left side.

Only once an organization/group/community has been archived, the "delete permanently" option becomes available.

Note: Only an organization/group/community administrator can perform the archive or delete function. An academy administrator cannot delete these if he is not an administrator in these concepts, but can only "lock" the content.

Quickly Create Groups from the "+" Button on Top and Add That Group to a Preferred Location - Organization or Academy Level

We have improved the user interface such that the "+" button makes it even simpler to quickly create and add a group to an organization, for example, from any page that you may be in an academy.

Please note: It is possible to add groups to only those organizations that you have administrator rights in.

Click Group from + Button

A pop-up appears to select where the group should be added:

Basis the selection that is made, the group information should be filled-in and the group is created.

In addition, there have been several usability improvements

  • The organization cards now always display what role you have in a particular organization, if any.

  • It is more intuitive to add content from a subscription to groups

  • More streamlined flow when adding content to a group.

  • Improvements to the customization options of a diploma.

For any questions or feedback regarding these updates, please write to

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