In our efforts to continuously improve user experience, we spent the week making the following platform updates:

Search Rules and Filters extended to more pages

The users can now benefit from our advanced search features on the following pages as well:

  • My Content

  • My Favourites

In addition, when inside My Content, the users will have the possibility to narrow the search down to progress status and also availability range of the content, as seen below:

Email templates specific to the user who creates them

We worked to ensure that only the user creating and saving an email template type, say for an invitation, has access to it.

So templates created and saved by user A, should not be available for use by User B.

This is in adherence to data privacy policy that we follow.

Updated Video and Audio tool now a default in toolbox

Newly updated 'Video and Audio' tool is now available as default part of the TRIKKS Toolbox. This update automatically applies to wherever the content was created using the older version of the tool, so the content will play seamlessly in the updated tool.

It is our best effort to update the platform weekly and bring you all the related information through our weekly deployment articles.

Feel free to reach out to our team for more information at

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