The main highlights from this week's release to our production environment are:

  • Users get the ability to accept or deny invitations to various content, groups, organizations etc

  • Further improvements in our advanced search filters

  • New feature for language selection for the academy

  • A minor fix impacting the event location on maps

Users Can Accept or Decline Invitations

As a part of this new feature release, whenever a user gets invited to, say a content or a group, they get notified about this invitation in their messages inbox.

On clicking the message, the users will see a pop-up displaying accept or decline invitation options.

For the person inviting that user, in the list of people invited, the status shows as pending until the invitation is accepted by the invited user.

An example of this pop-up is as seen below:

Improvements in Advanced Search Filters

We continued improving how search results are filtered using our advanced search, with the following additions:

- We keep the advanced "Search box" closed by default

- A number is shown in parenthesis for each filter option, indicating how many search elements fall under that particular filter

- Possibility to collapse the date filter in My Content and Catalog

- Options under the Access rights filter are more precisely matched

- The "Content type" filter is only shown to administrators/publishers

- Academy Categories are now included when filtering with "Categories" in My Content and Catalog

New Feature for Language Selection for the Academy

We have now enabled the possibility for academy administrators to make a selection of which languages will be supported in the academy.

This feature can be accessed through Settings on the left side menu under Manage, you will find this setting right below Default academy language as seen below:

In addition to the above, this week also as usual, we made several small fixes related to usability improvements such as:

  • Google Map location improvements when searching for addresses

  • Archive groups from the 3 dots menu on the group card as well as the actions drop-down inside the groups.

For any questions or feedback regarding these updates, please write to

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