The key highlights from this week's development updates are:

  • New feature - "Recommended further content".

  • The options displayed under the '+' button menu correspond accurately to the access rights users have towards what they can create.

  • The 'Feedback' button seen on the top right corner is now renamed to "Support".

  • Mobile design and responsiveness improvements for various concepts. (Organizations, Groups, Communities, Catalog and Events)

  • Fixed issues with the "archive" functionality for groups.

We explain the new feature below through a series of illustrative steps:

This is a new feature that will be available in the result page of any content, for facilitators of that content.

Steps to turn ON "Recommended further content" feature:

  1. Open the content that you facilitate and click the Result Page under Actions drop-down.

2. Turn the Result Page option ON

3. Turn the "Recommended further content" option ON

4. Select the content you wish to recommend further to the participants who have finalized the current content. The participants will then see recommendations on the result page.

For any questions or feedback regarding these updates, please write to

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