The key highlights from this week's release are:

  • Academy administrator are able to view the 3-dot menu in nested containers (containers that are part of a parent container), giving quick access to manage each child container without having to open each one individually.

  • It's now even quicker to favourite a Group, Organization or Community by clicking the star icon or using the option in the 3-dots menu of each of these concepts.

  • Improved UI/UX of the "Feed" Functionality (Explained in detail below)

  • More mobile design and responsiveness improvements

Improved UI/UX of the "Feed" Functionality

We have resolved a few known issues, along with usability improvements for the "Feed" functionality. This feature is particularly helpful when content facilitators wish to turn on a feed or a chat for users to comment, communicate and upload media files to a content element.

To enable this, go to settings of the content from either the Actions drop-down or the 3 dots menu and then to the 'Communication and support' section.

Check 'Enable feed'.

Here, you can further choose where the chat icon will be placed on the page.

For example, here is how it will appear to the users, choosing to show it at the top of the page:

For a detailed walk-through of any of the above mentioned updates, simply write to us at

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