The Academy

The core service is TRIKKS Academy, which is mandatory for all customers. It comes with Standard Support and contains all basic functions needed to manage your account and your end users. You can present learning content to your end users and analyze and report back on end user activity. For some customers, Academy is all that is needed.


TRIKKS Creator contains an array of tools designed to support the creation of engaging learning content. With Creator you can stich together content elements to form a learning path or journey, you can add graphical elements and game-like interfaces, and you can tailor the content to exactly match your organization’s or your own customer’s needs.


Together with Creator and Academy, TRIKKS Exporter turns TRIKKS into a powerful publishing tool. Exporter gives you the opportunity to export content created in TRIKKS on standard exchange formats (currently SCORM) to import content into other LMS systems. Thus, if you already use an in-house LMS, TRIKKS can still be used as your publishing tool.


TRIKKS Communities is an extension of Academy that lets employees work together in professional and social learning arenas. These learning communities allow the members to focus.

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