Key highlights:

  • Pagination improvements for a better content loading experience.

  • Improved 3 dot menus - more consistent with the roles and access permissions.

  • Continued performance improvements on a range of tools and features.

Pagination Improvements (loading of content on scrolling)

In order to avoid users’ perceiving a delay in loading of more content, we have increased the number of loaded items to 50 (previously set to 20).

This improved behaviour includes the following:

  • If the number of loaded or visible items on the page are less than the total items available, then a 'Load More' button will be visisble.

  • On the top, the label with "Showing X items" is now replaced to say "Showing X of Y", as seen below:

In the coming weeks, we will continue with our focus on making the learning experience more convenient for the users.

For questions or feedback related to the improvements mentioned above, please write to us at

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