Key highlights:

This week, we continued making improvements for an even better user-experience towards the following concepts:

  • Improved the way content is added and within an organization

  • Improved overall performance of the questionnaire tool

  • Efficient and intuitive loading of elements on scrolling

  • A small bug resolution when setting up the default start page of an academy

Pagination Improvements (loading of content on scrolling)

In order to avoid users’ perceiving a delay in loading of more content, we have increased the number of loaded items to 50 (previously set to 20).

This improved behaviour includes the following:

  • If the number of loaded or visible items on the page are less than the total items available, then a 'Load More' button will be visisble.

  • On the top, the label with "Showing X items" is now replaced to say "Showing X of Y", as seen below:

For any questions or feedback related to the improvements mentioned above, please write to us at

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