During week 3 at TRIKKS, our main focus was implementing the concept of 'Content Approval', that offers different ways of setting-up how the participants are approved on a content after completion.

There are 3 approval mechanisms that are available for content:

  • Automatic approval

  • Manual approval by a reviewer

  • Manual approval by the user

The option to turn on content approval can be found under Actions > Result Page

Scroll down the result page pop-up to approval options:

If manual approval by a reviewer is turned ON, the selected reviewer(s) can set the participants as approved, or not approved in the 'Users' section of that particular content.

We will follow-up with more details, updates and step-by-step explanations on this concept in the coming weeks.

Please note: Approval can be activated for gameboards, as well as individual content elements such as containers, quizzes etc.

It is also important to make sure that the result page option is turned to ON.

This ensures that users will be shown a result page where the approval status is displayed.

For questions or feedback, please write to us at support@trikks.com.

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