This week at TRIKKS, the development team made several usability improvements and feature updates. The main highlights are as listed below:

  • The concept of 'labels' in the tool options when setting-up a quiz

  • Navigating a gameboard made even easier with the 'previous' button in footer

  • Fixes such as - Turning off the progress bar in a gameboard, and making a download icon available in the header of the PDF tool

  • SCORM exported packages have a table of content and several other improvements

Option of Question Labels When Setting-up a Quiz

With question labels, you can categorize your questions under different topics.

This can, for example, be helpful when you want to build a question pool and ensure that a certain number of questions from each label are shown in the quiz.

Here is where to find this option:

Open a quiz > Click Actions > Settings > Tool Options

Download Option in the PDF Tool

When using the PDF tool to present files, the users will now see a download icon in the header, clicking which will download the PDF.

This also applies when using the PDF tool inside containers or gameboards.

In other fixes and improvements, the following advanced setting now works as expected - The option when checked, hides the progress bar in a gameboard:

And lastly, look out for the 'previous' button in the footer of gameboards, for ease of navigating within the gameboard.

In the coming weeks, we will continue working with feature requests and other offerings to support our users.

For questions or feedback, please write to us at

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