During this week, one of the main feature releases was the ability to share content across all the groups in an organization.

There is a new setting available in the 3-dots menu of all the content that belongs to an organization. This setting is called - 'Share to all groups in this organization'.

When this setting is selected, that particular content will get shared automatically to all the existing groups in that organization, as well as all the new groups that will be added to that organization in the future.

Here is where you can access this setting:

Organization > Content tab > 3-Dots menu of the content that you wish to share with all the groups in that organization

Important to Note: If one chooses to turn this setting off, and stop sharing a particular content with all the groups, then it will apply to the groups being added in future in that organization, it will not remove that content from the existing groups.

The content that has already been shared before with all the groups through this new setting, will continue to remain shared.

In addition to the above feature, the team continued to deploy some minor bug fixes.

In the coming weeks, we will continue working with feature requests and other offerings to support our users.

For questions or feedback, please write to us at support@trikks.com.

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