This article describes the series of steps involved in turning the approval concept ON for a particular content.

Step 1: From the 3-dots at the card view level, or the actions drop-down inside the content, click on the result page.

In the pop-up that opens upon clicking result page, scroll down to the bottom where it says Approval:

There are three ways to approve the participants for the respective content:

1. Automatic approval

With Automatic approval turned ON, the participants will be approved automatically once the requirement chosen by the admins in this section are fulfilled:

For example, if the administrators have chosen - Complete the content as a requirement to get automatic approval, the participants will be automatically approved when they have completed it and they will receive an automatic email stating that.

Similarly, If approval by number of points is selected, the participants will be automatically approved when users get those required number of points.

2. Manual approval by user

Content can also be approved manually by user themselves. Let's take a closer look on how that works.

When this option is turned ON, the participants will be presented with "I am done" button at the end of the content, in the footer area.

Upon clicking this button, the content will be approved.

3. Manual approval by Reviewer

When this option is turned ON, the reviewers get notified and have to manually set the participants as approved or not approved.

A list is displayed where a selection can be made regarding which all roles have the authority to manually approve the participants. Multiple roles can be selected from this list.

The users in such a case will see the text saying "Pending approval".

In order to manually approve, the reviewer can open the Actions menu and scroll to Users.

In the Users pop-up that will open, the reviewer can see which users have completed the content and are awaiting an approval.

Here, the reviewer needs to click on the 3-dots menu as seen below:

Simply choose Set as Approved or Set as not approved:

It is also possible to mark several users at the same time and Approve or Not approve them from the Actions menu, as shown below:

In addition, it is also possible to send a feedback message along for the users, by typing it in the feedback message box.

Note: Emails are sent to the users whenever the user is approved.

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