This week mainly involved working on some known bugs, as well as continuing further on the ongoing project for overall UX improvements.

Here is a quick summary:

  1. Fixed a known issue regarding correctly routing users signing up with a new account using the accessible link. The users will now land directly to the respective content that the accessible link belonged to, regardless of the default academy landing page.

  2. We have worked on creating a way to redirect the containers with the URL changed (permalink) by redirecting to the right URL. (An internal tech improvement)

  3. We have improvements related to the idle session time before it expires - After 48 hours of a page staying idle, the users are automatically redirected to the login page and the system displays a session expiry message.

  4. In addition, we have some further improvements related to our ongoing project on 'Building blocks improvements'.

  • Our focus has been to make it easier for content editors to create content. For example, when working with blocks (These could be questions, sections, or any building block), there are now options to quickly format the title and description text.

  • It is now easier to set and preview custom action buttons.

  • We also have a more intuitive layout when working with multiple columns.

Our users with the role of content facilitators and editors should be able to view these improvements related to building blocks when they choose to edit them.

Below are some snippets into these improvements.

This is an ongoing project where we are reviewing the overall layout and intuitiveness, and we hope our users find these improvements valuable.

That was it for this week. Please feel free to send along any feedback at

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