During this week, the development team worked on several improvements and fixes.

Here is a summary:

  1. An option for group facilitators and administrators to download participant report.

  2. The sharable link to a group correctly routes users into the particular group, including those users who register with a new account.

  3. Organizations: A warning message is now displayed when organization admins invite users to an organization - when the academy has a restriction that a participant can be a member in only one organization.

  4. In addition, there was a particular fix related to copying of content in info tool, several translations were added where needed as well as some memory and performance improvements.

Additional details and 'How-Tos' related to the above are described below.

Group facilitators and administrators can download reports

Inside the group, click the actions drop-down and then click 'Download people report'.

The sharable link to a group

The sharable link to a group is available upon clicking actions and then 'Settings'.

Copy the link and share as needed.

This link serves like an invitation. This means, even if at the academy settings level, the academy admins have checked the settings to register by invitation only, then upon receiving the sharable link to a group, new users should be able to sign up for an account to this academy, and then land directly inside the group thereafter.

Warning message displayed to admins when inviting participants to an organization

Under the academy settings, there is a setting that allows academy admins to choose if participants can be members of only one organization, from the organizations available under that academy.

Let's say that the above option is ON, and an organization admin decides to invite a user into an organization, when tht user is already a member of another organization; in that case, the organization admin will see the following warning:

We hope our users benefit from learning about the new features and improvements.

Please feel free to send along any feedback at support@trikks.com.

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