As we have mentioned in our earlier updates, we have been listening to our users when they tell us what they need - and the design team has been busy delivering exactly that.

We are excited to announce the release of a new layout that enables users to easily navigate the platform and promote quicker access to important features.

Let’s take a deep dive into what has improved and how you can benefit from thte improvements. There are 3 main updates that we would like to highlight:

  1. The sidebar updates: We have updated the sidebar to a new collapsible design that allows un-interrupted focus on the main learning content.

  2. Building blocks updates: We have added the possibility for quiz editors to change the current question type from single-choice to multiple-choice with a single click.

  3. Result display: We have improved the design of how the user results are displayed, with the aim to make it much more intuitive to understand and analyse.

The Sidebar Updates

What has changed in the sidebar?

  • The sidebar can collapse and expand as per the user's preference:

  • The positioning of the user profile - the profile is now moved to the very bottom of the sidebar, as seen below:

  • The logout button - you will find it inside the profile pop-up, upon clicking your profile button in the sidebar.

  • My Content is now called My Stuff as users will now find not just content, but everything that they participate or have access to. The page has a new look with tabs under the My Stuff section including all the learning content, groups, organizations, communities and events.

  • It is important to note that some of our customers are using groups and organizations. Those customers can find organizations and groups that they already belong to or adminstrate, under the 'My Stuff' section. There are tabs on the top of the 'My Stuff' page where each tab takes you to respective elements.

  • The Catalog is now called 'Explore' - Again, this is where the users can go and explore not just content, but other things such as communities, groups and events that are available for users to purchase or participate in.

    (Everything that the user does not have access to yet, but has the eligibility to access)

  • The global search bar is also now moved to the sidebar and always available as and when needed to search anything throughout the platform.

Building Blocks Updates

While editing a question in a quiz or a questionnaire - should you decide to change it from a single-choice question to a multiple-choice question, or vice versa, you can do it with a single click without having to leave the question that you are editing.

Quiz Result Page Design Update

What has changed in the result page design?

  • Improved the design of showing which option(s) the user selected on the Single/Multichoice/Combine/Categorize/Dropdown question types.

  • Improved how the correct answer is displayed. Now the correct answer(s) will be shown right below the question text.

  • We made a fix with how the points are calculated if a question marked as 'not required' is answered by the user while taking a quiz.


If you have any questions or feedback regarding the new design updates, please let us know at

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