There are 2 main improvement points that we would like to share from week 20.

In addition, the design and development team continued the focus on minor fine tuning of the new sidebar and layout (You can read more about the design update here).

  1. When making a particular content embeddable, there is now an additional option to hide the 'previous/next' button for that content:

Click Actions > Share > Turn ON 'Public link and embed code'

If the 'Hide navigation' option is checked, the previous and next navigation arrows in the footer do not appear for the embedded content.

2. We have introduced the possibility to add 'Categories' when creating groups.

Group administrators can of course add categories to their existing groups by going to the group settings option.

The options visible in the drop-down here are set up at an 'academy settings' level by the academy administrators, as seen below:

Please reach out to us with any suggestions or feedback at

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