The technical development team has been working to implement fixes and feature requests that improve the overall user-experience.

  • Improved layout and styling options in the building blocks when working with different tools.

  • Introduced a default preview pop-up for all elearning, groups, organizations and communities, available when a user clicks on these concepts from the Catalog.

    (Only users who are yet to join these concepts see such a preview pop-up)

  • While making a content sharable in groups, added an option for admins/facilitators to add that content immediately to the group(s).

  • A small performance improvement on the quiz tool.

  • Several performance improvements were deployed for newsletter, info tool, gameboard view and the Catalog/Explore section.

  • Deployed a minor fix related to accessing the list of event attendees for events.

Latest improvements in building blocks

Some of the main improvements from this week are about the possibility to style the building blocks a bit more using background image or colors.

We encourage administrators/facilitators/editors who often use building blocks while setting-up quizzes, questionnaires, info tool etc, to explore the new layout and share their thoughts with us.

Also, at the tool level, the default styling options available under Actions > Settings have been simplified a bit to make them more intuitive and easy to understand.

The preview pop-up for all the concepts

Any type of elearning, group, organization or community that is published or available in the catalog for users, now has its own default start/preview pop-up.

In order to understand this feature, as a test participant, go to the Catalog/Explore section in the left side bar and click on a card there belonging to any concept.

You will notice a pop-up that displays some basic description that the admins or facilitators have set-up related to that card and some buttons that allow users to take an action.

The users can then, for example, view the information and either decide to start or join it, or simply close the pop-up and continue exploring the rest of the Catalog.

It is important to note that such a preview pop-up appears only in the Catalog for cards that the user is not already participating or a member in.

An example of such a preview pop-up:

While sharing content to groups - A new option is now available in the share tab

Selecting this checkbox will immediately and directly add the particular content to all or chosen groups.

That was all for this week! For questions or feedback, please write to us at

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