In our efforts to continuously improve the user experience, the development team implemented the following this week:

  • The 3-dots menu is available again on the top-right corner of all the cards inside the catalog/explore and my stuff sections.

  • A new option is available to correctly set-up the height of the hero image:

    When a hero image is uploaded to any content/event/concept, users can now adjust how they wish the height of that hero image to appear.

    In order to explore this, the facilitators/admins can simply click settings inside the actions drop-down and scroll down to the style section.

  • It is now possible to turn off the acceptance popup for users in groups when they are invited to content or to groups.

    An option has been added to the group settings to enable/disable acceptance dialog for the users, when they get invitation to a content in group that they are a member of.

    When this option is checked, users will not get any pop-up asking them to accept the invitation. They will directly get inside the content or the group that they were invited to.

  • A new setting for the academy admins: The academy admins now have the possibility to enter any of the groups existing inside the academy as that group's administrator.

    Important to note that for groups with privacy setting 'open to all' and 'request membership', the academy admins can choose to not be a member while still being able to operate the group with admin rights.

    To understand this feature, academy admins can click academy settings > groups

    The academy administrators will not be listed as group administrators in the group people page.

    This feature is set to OFF by default for all academies.

    In this way, the academy admins can choose to open a group as an admin without actually joining the groups.

    For any questions or feedback related to these updates, please write to us at

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